Single Number 32″ Helium Balloon (Stay For 24 hours)

Single Number 32″ Helium Balloon (Stay For 24 hours)


This product stay for 24hours only , recommend delivery or pickup same day
If u purchase same day delivery pls make order before 2pm , we will send 4-7pm on same day. This product that can stay float up to 5days
(not recommend to purchase if u celebrate before 11am or after 9pm !! )
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Package Include

  •  1pcs number 32 inch size Balloon helium include tassel and ribbon on each Number Balloon

*Comes with balloons string, weight and helium inflation by us.

Profile image color choice :                                                                                                    

Number Balloon : Color White Sand

For helium inflated latex balloons, balloons may last approx. 8 hours depending on the surrounding temperature .
Only recommended to collect from us on your event date .Make your party shine with balloon decorations!

Perfect to birthday party, themed event,  Anniversary, Party and etc.


Foil Balloons: Floating time approximate at least 24 hours and above depending on the surrounding temperature.

Point of note :
High temperature, exposure under the sun, friction and force etc will cause the balloon to deflate or explode.
Parental guidance is recommended for children to use the balloons.
Please discard defected balloons immediately.


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